What does a manufactured home made soap offer?

15 febr. 13. Written by: Suburbian Home Made Soap
I do not want anyone to feel cheated therefore I find it important to say that home made soaps require special care in handling. Take good care of them! Before you become a user, make sure you get a soap case. Keep your soapie dry (it will be thankful!) then you can enjoy using it for longer. A "disadvantage" of the high care oil content is that the soap can become slimy and slippery if it is just left on the side of the bathtub carelessly. Another thing about care is regarding your bathtub and washbasin, since the natural colouring materials the soap contains (i.e. cocoa, rosehip, spirulina, etc.) get released during use, therefore you will have to clean the bathtub and washbasin more frequently. Your skin will be especially thankful to you for this bit of extra work. :)

Things you should never expect from manufactured home made soap:

  • they will not foam as much as factory made ones
  • they will not have miraculously strong colours (we cannot achieve that using natural colourings)
  • we cannot achieve such wide variety of fragrances what you are used to when using factory made ones

  • If all these make you attracted to use mass produced soaps instead, it is also worth knowing what the price is of all the super foam, consistence and trendy aesthetics! You can find a lot of information on the internet about the toxic materials used in household cleaning stuff and in cosmetics, which synthetic additives cause god knows how much long term damage. It is a fact that crude oil derivatives used in most mass produced cosmetics get stuck in the pores of the skin, stopping it from breathing and stopping its metabolism. A fact known by only a few people is that hydrating effect of these products is done by taking away water from deeper layers of the skin. This is a vicious circle since you must buy another cosmetic product to treat that loss!
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    What you can gain from manufactured home made soap:

  • high quality ingredients !!! (except for lye they contain ingredients that are found in most households such as olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, goat milk, poppy seeds, coffee, volatile oils, home grown herbs etc.)
  • the plant glycerine known as the best skin care element stays in the soap during the soaping process also serving the high quality caring of the skin (as opposed to industrial use where they extract it to later adding it in a derivative form into low quality glycerin soap)
  • the plant oils in the soap are absorbed easily by the skin where the nutritious, healing ingredients take effect quickly.

  • Thanks to the above characteristics our skin will become hydrated, well fed in the best way and the self healing mechanisms will begin. Some of my soap users complained that despite their expectations my goat milk soap had made their skin dry. If you experience the same, do not throw away your soapie that is so full of valuable materials! Be patient! Like in all self healing therapies, it is possible here as well, that at the beginning our symptoms get stronger. That is a good thing, you should be happy, because your body reacts to the effects it receives, and the cleaning (detoxicating) processes have begun! It restarts these parts of our organism, and set the natural balance! Our skin may initially become dryer, "itchy". That is when it learns breathing and good metabolism again! In time alongside using natural soaps you can leave using creams and body lotions, you will not be needing them! I can state this for sure, that is what happened to me.

    Why is using home made soaps good?

    It is essential to choose what materials get in direct contact with our skin, since it is one of our most important organs: beyond being priority defense line of our body (it protects us from invasion of microorganisms, effects of the sunlight, and mechanical effects), it plays an active role in extraction (sweat gland), and takes part in the temperature balancing of our body, plus it is one of the most important sensory organ (touching). So taking care of our skin is not only for aesthetic reasons and we should use natural base cosmetics, creams and body lotions if possible.  The slightly alkaline pH home made soaps free the skin not only from fatty dirt, but also from waxing skin particles thus enabling it – if we use soaps which contain that extra caring material – to absorb non soaped fats and oils as well. Washing with such a soap is an entirely different feeling: it is an almost rough cleaning, it is easy to wash away (unlike shower lotion), and after bath thanks to the extra caring ingredient our skin will feel as if we used a body lotion. That is how our skin will become fresh and smooth and none the least healthy. My carefully made soaps do not contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives, cosistency agents, synthetic colourings or (fake) fragrances, I only use food industry quality plant oils, butters when making my soaps, which are either fragrance free, or they contain a little but high quality 100% volatile oils (plus herbal extracts and goat milk).
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    How is it possible that making natural soaps is a delicate and dangerous process, still the end product becomes caring and nature friendly?
    When making home made soap, we use a really very dangerous chemical, sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye. Using it is only dangerous if we do not use proper equipment and follow instrucions during the making of the soap (gloves, mask, protective clothing and protective glasses, keeping the order of technology, using proper dishes) This lye is not there any more in the ready cooked or (in cold process) after the aging process because of the chemical reaction – the soaping process – during which the lye gets in contact with the fats and oils and changes completely. Throughout the reaction the sodium hydroxide connects to the fat acids of the oils, changing their structure, turning into alcaline salt and glycerine: this becomes the well known and naturally caring soap, which does not need any extra synthetic ingredient, skin smoothing agent, emulgeating stuff, surface active material, yet cleans and cares naturally and effectively.


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